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Me encanta este premio para JANE DREW. Otra mujer de bandera en la arquitectura

Jane Drew Prize Awarded to Eva Jiricna

John Hill | 03.11.2013
Photo: Courtesy of Architects Journal
Architects Journal has announced that "Eva Jiřičná has been awarded the 2013 Jane Drew Prize for her outstanding contribution to the status of women in architecture." Last year the award was given to Zaha Hadid, who sat on the jury this year and said Jiřičná had "reinvented the idea of retail’ with her 1988 flagship store for the Joseph fashion label." Fellow juror Ivan Harbour of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners concurred: "If you walk into any Apple store today, in the end, they all started with Eva." This is no surprise, considering that the first thought upon hearing Jiřičná's name may be "glass stair."

But the award is about more than design. It is named for the late Jane Drew, an ardent feminist who initially only employed women in her office, back in the 1930s when it was hard for women architects to find work. Drew was married to architect Maxwell Fry, and the two worked together until Fry's death in 1987 (9 years before Drew's death). Drew was known best for working on Chandigarh, but with the prize (started in 1998, when Jiřičná was on the jury) now she is remembered for supporting women in architecture.


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