martes, 19 de julio de 2011

Para un gobierno en colaboración con los ciudadanos: prácticas posibles

Possible uses of collaborative government. 

David Osimo's research results point to three categories that fit the policy cycle: definition, implementation and evaluation.
In the definition phase, crowdsourcing is useful to identify innovative ideas, and filter them. Tools for discussion are probably the mainstream, but the paradigmatic case are idea-storms, like, very much used by the US government. But also wikis, such as the co-definition of the Expertnet project. Or commenting tools like 
In the implementation phase, we refer to collaborative project that actually solve problems, either by identifying innovative solutions such as and, or by leveraging distributed action such as, and the collaborative tagging of cultural content in the Finnish case. These cases use largely social networking technologies, which are very useful in nudging action. 
The evaluation phase is probably the most used and popular. In this category I place apps like fixmystreet, for crowdsourcing the feedback over the city, as well as different feedback tools such as patientopinion. But I also place visualisation tools that make sense of open data.

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